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Air Conditioning Bolton

Air conditioning can be beneficial at all times of the year,  not just in summer. Air conditioning can significantly improve the air quality and therefore increase comfort, health, and productivity of indoor spaces. We provide air conditioning installation in Bolton and the surrounding areas, all year round. 

Our air conditioning units are energy-efficient to keep running costs low to help reduce energy bills. 

Our most popular air conditioning options

Air Conditioning Installation

Worcester CL3000i 2.6kw

£1450 - £1700


  • Suitable for Rooms up to 15m2
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • R32 Refrigerant
  • Wifi Ready
  • Energy Efficient
Air Conditioning Installation

Worcester CL3000i 3.5kw

£1500 - £1750


  • Suitable for Rooms up to 20m2
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • R32 Refrigerant
  • Wifi Ready
  • Energy Efficient
Air Conditioning Installation

Worcester CL3000i 5.3kw

£1700 - £1950


  • Suitable for Rooms up to 30m2
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • R32 Refrigerant
  • Wifi Ready
  • Energy Efficient
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Air Conditioning Installation Services In Bolton

RJ Martindale installs domestic air conditioners in Bolton. Our range of air conditioning units are reliable, quiet and energy-efficient.

We understand that installing an air conditioner can be an expensive investment. That is why we offer Worcester Bosch air conditioners with a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Whilst we offer our air conditioner installation and repair service, we have covered other essential bases with our extensive boiler, heating, and plumbing services.


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Commercial and Domestic Air Conditioning in Bolton

Air conditioning units can be installed in commercial and domestic properties. It will help to regulate and maintain the temperature and humidity levels within homes and offices, which can help with health and overall productivity. 


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Worcester Bosch Climate 3000i

Air Conditioning Installation Bolton

RJ Martindales team of experts will install an energy-efficient air conditioning system which provides a number of benefits and allows you to enjoy your home or office without loud noises.

  • Maintains air quality through its unique ‘i-clean’ mode
  • Protects against freezing inside the room
  • Removes humidity
  • Reduced noise
  • Self-cleaning
  • Designed to reduce energy consumption

Air Conditioning Servicing & Repairs in Bolton

Regular maintenance and air conditioning servicing helps to keep them operating not only safely, but efficiently too. All work is carried out by our expertly trained team. By regularly servicing your air conditioning unit, you will find any problems that need addressing early on to help keep it working as best as possible. 

Be sure to get in touch today for further air conditioning advice, or to book your free quote.


Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How long will my air conditioning system last?

The lifespan of air conditioning systems varies depending on the type and how well-maintained they are. However, the average lifespan is 10 to 20 years. One of the best ways to guarantee the long term health of your air conditioner is to get it installed by a trustworthy and experienced team.

In the unlikely event that you do have problems with your air conditioner systems, then you can always rely on RJ Martindale to come out to assist.

Can I get a new air conditioning system in any room?

Yes, an air conditioner can be installed in any room of the house. With that said, most people choose to get air conditioning in rooms where they spend the most time, such as the living room or bedroom.

Regardless of the room where you’re installing air conditioning, the most important thing to consider is unit placement. It’s essential that an AC unit is placed precisely for it to function most effectively. This is where our expert team will draw on their experience and work out the best location.

How often should I get my air conditioner serviced?

We recommend getting your air conditioner serviced every year to ensure it is well-maintained and safe to use. Keeping your air conditioner in check will ensure that it continues to run quietly and efficiently.

The RJ Martindale team offers professional and affordable air conditioner servicing. Our ongoing customer support system guarantees that you’ll always have someone to contact whenever you have any concerns about your air conditioner.

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