There isn’t much worse than being kept awake at night by the constant dripping of a leaking tap!

Though it’s not just the noise that’ll cause you long term frustration. A leaking tap can be a sign of something more sinister lurking beneath. Plus, all that dripping can start to stack up the costs on your water bill.

Waste not want not… so let our team take a look and see what’s causing the waterworks.



A leaking pipe doesn’t just mean bad news for your lovely flooring. It can be a pre-cursor to much bigger problems if left unfixed. Our team respond to leaking or frozen pipes as a priority,  saving you from experiencing a few waterworks of your own!

Our expert plumbers will trace and repair any visible or concealed leaks on the same day. We’ll also replace all models of leaking taps including standard basin taps, bath taps and  monobloc mixer taps.  Emergency repairs are our thing, so we keep a stock of spare parts to ensure that when panic strikes, we can usually have it fixed within the hour.



If for any reason we can’t repair your leaking tap, we’ll install a new one, or a replacement tap of your choice.



If you’re having trouble with water pressure, take a look at our water pressure guide here, and give us a call so that we can come out to take a look.

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