RJMartindale are CIPHE Registered Plumbing and Heating engineers.
What does this mean for you?
The CIPHE is a professional and technical body working hard to raise standards of plumbing and heating. There are currently  around 7,500 members from every sector of the plumbing and heating engineering services industry.
The Institute benefits you by raising awareness of numerous plumbing and heating issues that could affect you, including Legionnaires’ Disease and hot water scalding. They also promote a register of highly skilled individuals, such as ourselves that can assist you when you need us.
Each individual member has to abide by a six point Code of Professional Standards which helps to uphold high standards to protect your health and safety.  They accept to excuses and won’t settle for a sub standard service. So, their complaints procedure is overseen by the Registration Authority.
5 things to know about CIPHE
1. The CIPHE is the only body that offers individual professional recognition for plumbing and heating qualifications.
2. The CIPHE holds the Register of Plumbers (RP) and the Register of Heating Professionals (RHP) both of which are only accessible by qualified and experienced professionals.
3. The CIPHE is the body that promotes individual professionalism in the fight against the amateur cowboys.
4. The CIPHE influences Government, Industry and the public drawing from the technical expertise of the sector’s Plumbing and Heating professionals.
5. The CIPHE supports professional members through association with the best technical expertise in the industry.
All CIPHE accredited installers should be able to produce a CIPHE ID card, we’re always happy to show ours…